Gîte Au fil du temps - Chiny

www.luxembourg-belge.be: Your holiday in the Belgian Ardens

www.gitesdewallonie.be : the most important holiday accommodation network in Wallonia

www.chiny-tourisme.be : Tourist Office of Chiny

www.soleildegaume.be/fr : Tourism house of the Gaume (Virton)

www.florenville.org : Tourist Office of Florenville

www.cip-lorraine-gaumaise.com : Paysalia, Landscape Interpretation Centre for the Lorraine Gaumaise.

www.conte.be: Story-telling festival in Chiny

www.orval.be : Orval Abbey

www.ccbeaucanton.be : Cultural Centre Florenville-Chiny

www.chassepierre.be: International Festival of Street Theatre in Chassepierre

www.gaume-jazz.be : International Jazz festival in Rossignol

www.torgny.be : remarkable village of the Gaume

www.bouillon-tourisme.be : small town of the Belgian Ardens with Its famous medieval castle.

www.williers.com : charming French village near Florenville (Meuse)

www.tourisme-montmedy.fr : Citadel of Montmédy, Basilica of Avioth (Meuse)

www.mouzon.fr : charming little town of the French Ardennes,  Abbey church Notre-Dame, Felt Museum

www.chateau-fort-sedan.fr : the largest medieval castle of Europe (Ardennes)