Gîte Au fil du temps - Chiny

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www.chiny-tourisme.be : Tourist Office of Chiny

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www.orval.be : Orval Abbey

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Rando-Trail Florenville-Chiny
: a unique concept in the area!

Would you like to discover our beautiful region while walking and running at your own pace (and without getting lost)?

Mathieu Galerin (my son) offers you a tailor-made itinerary in our beautiful forests. This concept allows everybody to create their own adventure adapted to their own wishes.

Guide Rando Trail also organizes some original activities during the summer, e.g. "Gaume Brew Trail", "Gastronomic Trail" etc.

Information and registration on the Facebook page: "Guide Rando Trail Florenville Chiny"

Special offer : 10% off on a stay in my holiday flat (min 2 nights) for 2 persons!